May 3rd, 2020



Not awake enough to make a real entry. We wanted to see the rest of Picard, and so I waited too late and got sleepy. Oh, I liked it, quite a lot, and I'll say more about that sometime when I am actually awake.

Today we reached 85˚F, and the heat index must have been near to 90˚F. Currently, it's 72˚F.

From my Facebook, this morning:

I've hardly been able to eat the last month or so. No appetite. The thought of eating is so unappealing that I mostly don't. Oh, and I broke that tooth. No, the loss of appetite isn't Covid-19. It's probably depression and anxiety *because* of Covid-19. I figured out I had about 300 calories yesterday, and it was an effort. I'm weak and losing a lot more weight than I could afford to lose. I'm going to try today to do better.

And I did do much better, with some effort.

Aunt Beast

3:58 p.m.