April 23rd, 2020



There was a little sun today, after a night and morning of thunderous thunderstorms. My belly woke me at three and I was awake until four, listening to the thunder. Our high was 71˚F, and now it's 63˚F.

Today I wrote 1,056 words on "The Great Bloody and Bruised Veil of the World." I mean to finish it tomorrow. And I have a phone call with my agent tomorrow.

And I didn't forget to eat today. I just didn't eat a lot. Grits and toast for breakfast, then a bowl of chicken and corn chowder for dinner with two slices of the Guinness bread Spooky had just baked.

I spent many hours tonight on Second Life. The television is threatening to sue for neglect.


As of tonight, there are 5,832 cases of Covid-19 in Alabama, 778 cases in Jefferson County and 283 cases in Shelby County.

Aunt Beast

9:04 p.m.