April 17th, 2020

Roy Batty

That OTHER Thing

A warmer day today. I had my office window open for most of it. We made it into the high 70s ˚F. Currently, it's 68˚F.

There was surreal trip to the liquor store. Everything out there is surreal. My anxiety levels haven't been this bad since the year following the Horror Clown's election. Which is why I had to postpone my talk with my agent today, until Tuesday afternoon.

Tonight I made the mistake of watching Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.'s 2011 "prequel" to Carpenter's The Thing for the third time. I swear you think there'd be at least one memorable line in the 2011 film, one worthy of quoting. There isn't, which is especially damning given how extremely quotable Carpenter's film proved to be.


Tonight, there are 4,472 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Alabama, with 645 in Jefferson County and 248 in Shelby.

Aunt Beast

1:34 p.m.