December 21st, 2019

Cordon C3

"Like a hippie."

Another better day, despite the damn rain. I just stayed inside and didn't look out the windows. Currently, it's 46˚F, with a windchill of 44˚F.

Today, I addressed my Christmas cards, then went back to work on "Seven Dreams" (and I have got to find a new title) and did 1,108 words. Also, I went back to work on the glyptosaur paper and read "The taxonomy, chronostratigraphy, and paleobiogeography of glyptosaurine lizards (Glyptosaurinae, Anguidae)."

And then Spooky and I played the Winter's Day stuff in Guild Wars 2, and then I had RP, and then a rather late dinner, and...god, I'm a nerd.

I know. Just shut up and look at the dolyaks.

Later, Said the Nerd,

4:40 p.m.