December 13th, 2019

Cordon C3

"A dirty, dirty dog."

Today was a nasty, grody, wet excuse for a day. And look at that. LiveJournal can't spell grody. Quelle surprise. Anyway, it's currently 48˚F.

Today, I did another 1,084 words on "Seven Dreams," which will probably get a new title. Oh, and I got a look at the initial layout of Comes a Pale Rider, with Ted's artwork in place.

Tonight, Spooky made hamburger steaks with pierogi and brussel sprouts. And then we watched Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein's Freaks (2018), a very pleasant surprise of a film. We followed it with Tara Wood's Quentin Tarantino documentary (2019), and that was very good, too.


1:23 p.m.