November 9th, 2019


The Lightness of the Dark

A cold but sunny day. Currently, it's 42˚F, and we have a frost advisory.

I didn't leave the house today.

I spent about four hours today just compiling the ms. for Comes a Pale Rider, layout and all that, writing the publication notes and what have you. I printed out all 177 pages, 56,614 words of prose. I think it's going to be a nice book. I still have to proofread the whole thing (and that's gonna be a goddamn marathon), but it feels like a book now, not just a bunch of files on my iMac.

Most of the day was shadowed by that old anger that rarely pursues me anymore. But I managed to stay ahead of it, and it finally gave up the chase about three p.m.

Anyway, after work, Spooky gave me a haircut I've been needing for months. Most of my head is shaved again, and it feels good.

Tonight, I had a can of Progresso chicken and rice soup for dinner, and then we finished Season Two of Jack Ryan. I think I'm going to bed a little early. Oh, and before dinner, we watched the new(ish) American Experience about Woodstock.


8:25 a.m.