November 1st, 2019


Lydia and the Surrogate Effington

A cold day, after a frigid night. When I got up at 7 a.m., we were in the low thirties ˚F, with the windchill in the twenties. A few weeks ago, we were still dealing with a month-long heatwave. Tonight, we have another freeze warning, and it's currently 39˚F.

Today, I spent another two hours on the line edits for "Refugees," and I did at least manage to finish that. Tomorrow, we read through the whole story. We were going to do that today, but Spooky was still icky from the migraine, and I need to hear it. Also, email to Merrilee, Subterranean Press, and Borderlands Press. And I think I'm about to agree to give a Russian website an interview. It will be my first interview in a long time.

I read a paper on tylosaurine ontogeny.

Spooky carved our jack-o'-lantern this afternoon, because it's better late than never.

And here it is November.

Later Taters,

12:29 p.m.