August 16th, 2019


"Let me have a half of your whole. Let me keep it for myself awhile."

Hot today, but the humidity is very low, so it's not bad at all. Currently, it's 93˚F, wit the heat index at 92˚F.

No writing today.

I hardly slept, because I was up half the night with my wretched stomach.

I am also grateful that I went to school before elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools were invaded by computers. In twelve years of school, not ONE computer (unless we count pocket calculators, and we were forbidden to use those in class). Oh, and NO FUCKING CELL PHONES OR SMART PHONES OR "DEVICES."

Have I mentioned how much I hate the 21st century? Have I mentioned how using the "devices" of the 21st century to slander it is, to me, poetic?

Please, please, please – since we are mired in this century – have a look at our eBay auctions. This is one of those extended dry spells, and every book we can sell helps. Thank you.


1:31 p.m.