May 21st, 2019


"Carved your name across three counties, ground it in with bloody hides..."

A hot day. No storms. Currently, it's still 80˚F. I didn't leave the house.

Today, despite a headache I've had since night before last, I did 1,168 words on a new Dancy story for Subterranean Press, "Dreams of a Poor Wayfaring Stranger."

Oh, and two nights of not much more than four or five hours sleep each. Last night, I went to bed and watched all of Apocalypse Now, which I'd not done in awhile. Watched the film all the way through, I mean.

I had my doctor yesterday afternoon, about the Cough, and she gave me a prescription for Tessalon Perles, which seems to be helping. This year, I was just too worn out to endure however many more weeks of the Cough remain without trying to find something to stop it.

But there's still this headache. I spent most of the afternoon and tonight laying on the air mattress, watching a series about climbers on Mount Everest. For dinner, I managed some steak fries with cheese and mustard.

Please have a look at the eBay auctions. Thank you!

Oh. I almost forgot. Spooky had to take Selwyn to the vet this morning, and he was a Big Brave Dog and is fine. Also, he now weighs 18 lbs.


10 a.m.