May 18th, 2019

Cordon C3

Time Travel and Escape Rooms (Same Difference)

Except that I was able to work and the weather was good, it was a shitty day.

The Cough was terrible. It still is. I'm seeing my doctor on Monday, so...

Today, I wrote 1,585 words on "The Tameness of Wolves" and found THE END. This story will appear in Sirenia Digest 161, which though it is the June issue, may reach subscribers as soon as tomorrow night. Yes, that means two issues in May, which was necessary to buy a big chunk of unbroken time to write two Dancy stories for Subterranean Press. I doubted I could do it, but I have. And I actually like "The Tameness of Wolves" a lot.

Tonight, we watched two movies. First, Ricky Kennedy's The History of Time Travel (2014), which wasn't very good, and then Adam Robitel's Escape Room (2019), which was undeniably dumb, but in a mostly fun way.

The eBay auctions are ongoing. Please have a look. Thanks.


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