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May 17th, 2019

Another hottish day, with storms near sunset.

This morning, after not getting very much sleep and getting up about 6:30, I wrote 1,150 words on a piece titled "The Tameness of Wolves," another vignette. I'll say more about it tomorrow. I think that, right now, I'm not much in the mood for the journal. I spent much of the day on my back, too tired to be useful. But at least I got the writing done.

The Cough was better yesterday. Today, it was back with a vengeance.

I began reading Absalom, Absalom! today.

Spooky made a pot of chili and worked on a puppet she's making.

Tonight, we watched Andy Muschietti's adaptation of It again.

Counting today, I turn 55 in 9 days. It doesn't seem the least bit real, just profoundly depressing (and please do not regale me with tales of how you are So Much Older).

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. as I mentioned, we have a rent hike to contend with. Thank you.


11:04 p.m.