May 16th, 2019

Western Interior Seaway

King Lizards and Lizard Kings

I am utterly exhausted tonight, but it was good day, all the same. The Cough was better again. So, maybe it will be gone soon. It was a hottish day, about 85˚F, before the heat index.

We left Birmingham about 11 a.m. and made it to Tuscaloosa about noon, though I wasn't supposed to be at the museum until an hour later. Spooky and I killed some time looking at the exhibits, a thing I'd not done since, probably, 1997 or so, and the museum has changed a lot since then. It's changed a whole lot since my very first visit, which was back about 1980, I think. There are some beautiful mosasaurs on display and a superb Basilosaurus cetoides (the Alabama state fossil) hanging from the gallery ceiling (see photo below). The museum is in Smith Hall, built between 1907 and 1909. Anyway, while I didn't exactly accomplish all the things I set out to do, it was profitable, nonetheless. Drew Gentry was there, as well, examining yet another new Cretaceous turtle. I spent my time with mosasaurs, sawfish, and sharks. Spooky discovered a cabinet filled with mothballed possums.

As we were driving back into Birmingham, a little after five, thunderstorms were building up over the city. We made it home before the rain started. After rumbling thunder and lightning, we had a very fine sunset, gold shifting to pink.

Fuck all, I'm tired.

Tonight, after dinner, we watched Jennifer Lawrence in Francis Lawrence's Red Sparrow (2018). No relation, by the way.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. We have a rent hike to contend with. Thank you.


12:37 p.m.