May 11th, 2019


{insert whatever]

An only mostly cloudy day, and rain again tonight. Currently, it's 70˚F.

Today, I began a new vignette for Sirenia Digest 160. I did 1,107 words.

Tonight, after GW2 and hot dogs, we watched Justin Kelly's JT Leroy (2019), which, despite a good performance by Laura Dern, fails to measure up to the documentaries and the actual weirdness, sleaze, and scandal of the genuine events. Oh, and speaking of GW2, I forgot to note that my latest character, Mandy Hansen, a human engineer, reach Level 80 yesterday. I've discovered the Holosmith specialization is pretty cool.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thanks.

Later Taters,

8:51 p.m.