April 28th, 2019


The Itchy Onion

Yeah, so...Game of Thrones E70, "The Long Night" (DON'T WORRY! NO SPOILERS HERE!)...good goddamn. I saw that one of the creators (I forget who) said they set themselves the goal of outdoing Peter Jackson's take on the Battle of Helm's Deep. Well, they did that, and then some. The Battle of Helm's Deep, turns out that was a fucking cakewalk. E70 was, all in all, perfect and beautiful and horrifying and sublime, and I almost cried twice.

It was quite warm here today. Our high was 81˚F, and it's still 71˚F. But the real heat is coming later in the week.

Today, I wrote 1,375 words and finished "Metamorphosis C."

And then I fucked off and spent the afternoon playing GW2 with Spooky, because every now and then we deserve a day like that, but we very rarely take them.

We've started watching Warrior on Cinemax, which is sorta Bruce Lee in 1870 San Francisco, in a style very like that of Peaky Blinders. With Kung Fu. I think Warrior might turn out to be good, and it has certainly gotten my attention.

My grateful thanks to the winning bidder on the illuminated Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales ARC. I'm decorating it pretty for you.


4:07 p.m.