April 4th, 2019


Howard Hughes and a Bird in the Hand

No sun to speak of today, but warm. Currently, it's 61˚F.

Not much progress on the new story today, just some proofreading and line edits. I talked with Bill Schafer about cover art, and I talked with Pete Crowther about a new edition of Confessions of a Five-Chambered Heart. I drew monster doodles for eBay customers. And someone at Bustle, which is apparently "the premier digital destination for young women," wanted to know what's the scariest book I ever read. For an upcoming article, I think. So I said House of Leaves, though Ghost Story and The Haunting of Hill House are tied for close seconds.

That was my work day. I also read Larry MacMurtry and listened to Springsteen. Spooky had to go out an get a new iron, because the old one went tits up this afternoon. She's making beasties for her Etsy shop, and we cannot have wrinkled beasties. That's my job.

We're getting some books up on eBay. Please have a look.


6:58 p.m.