February 27th, 2019


A note before I lie down.

A long, long day, with way too much discomfort. So, just something quick, then television. I haven't even had dinner, come tto think of it.

I did 1,099 words on The Tindalos Asset today, over about three and a half hours, and I finished Section 8 (there will likely be eleven or twelve sections). So, good progress despite the pain, which was mostly coming from my lower back and left leg, which I managed to wrench when I popped the toenail off last night.

After the writing, I got dressed and we went to see my doctor, who examined the toe and gave me pain meds and sent me home. I have to stay off that foot, mostly, until it heals a little, until the layer of epidermis that came off with the toenail starts growing back. It's a weeping red mess right now, under all the bandages. I have a huge bandaged cartoon toe, like maybe Wiley Coyote would have after dropping an Acme anvil on his own foot. Hopefully, my back will feel better in a day or two. Thank fuck for insurance. I went from 1996 until 2018 without insurance, and I try not to think about the consequences to my neglected health or all the money it cost me over the decades.

Spooky has been hard at work on new necklaces, and she has a couple up in her Etsy shop, Dreaming Squid, so you should have a look. Thanks.

A mostly sunny, warm day today. We made it to 74˚F. My office window is still open.

You get more Lydia tonight. Lucky you.

Later Craw Taters,

7:20 p.m.