January 12th, 2019


"What's That Blue Thing Doing Here?"

Rainy and a tiny bit warmer today. I think we made it to about 54˚F. Currently, it's 49˚F, with the windchill at 46˚F.

We have some eBay auctions ending tonight. Please have a look.

I've been trying not to write about this dry spell. About not writing. Because it's terrifying, even acknowledging that it's happening. I've not written anything substantial since mid-October. So, this is now a dry spell like the one in the autumn of 2015 and the long, long one in the spring and summer of 2016. With those two, I understood the causes, more or less. This time, I'm a lot less clear about how it began. But I have to find my way out.

“You have no right to assume that you’ll be able to write because you could write yesterday.” ~ Hilary Mantel

Toady, there was a trip out 280 to the fabulous Brass Bear, mine and Spooky's favorite antique store. I mostly go to drool over typewriters, while Spooky searches for ceramic Siamese cats.

Night before last, we finished our fourth-annual watching of all two hundred (200!) episodes of That 70s Show, and so closes Kitty Fest IV.

From last night's Facebook: My first car was a used 1972 Chevy Impala, sorta olive green with one white door. And it had an 8-track tape deck. And the speedometer went to 120mph.


1:32 p.m.