October 8th, 2018


"I been downhearted, baby..."

Today, I wrote 1,110 words on something for Sirenia Digest 153; I'm calling it "Iodine and Iron," but that might change.

While I worked, Spooky got a second storage unit and began ferrying boxes to it, all the boxes that, for the past three and a half months, have cluttered up the room that should be our dining room. We're finally getting a dining table this week, so we can stop eating in front of the TV and at our desks and what have you. I helped her with the last load.

Tonight, we saw Kevin Phillips' extremely excellent Super Dark Times (2017). This is the first film I've seen in October that I would enthusiastically recommend. See it. You can stream it on both Netflix and Amazon.

Later Taters,

2:04 p.m.