July 11th, 2018


"It's a hollow play, but they'll clap anyway."

Sun and clouds this morning. Currently, it's 89˚F, with the heat index at 96˚F.

Thanks to internet drama, I only wrote 456 words yesterday, but at least "N is for Nyarlathotep" is behind me now. I need to do better today. I want to have the alphabet done by the 16th, at the latest.

A repairman came, and now the internet seems to be fine.

For all intents and purposes, the Dark Horse chapter of my life finally drew to a close yesterday. There will be news, before long.

Another good walk yesterday evening, though it was hotter than the day before. Cool green spaces beside water. We did a little more than a mile yesterday, compared to two miles the day before. I want to do at least a mile a day. For dinner, Spooky made spaghetti.

We're getting eBay up and running again, so please have a look. Bid if you can. Thanks. We really need to move some books this summer.


6:15 p.m.