May 2nd, 2018



It marvelously warm this morning. Currently, it's 81˚F and mostly sunny.

Despite the double dose of gabapentin, I somehow managed only to sleep about four hours last night.

The reading at the Savoy went well last night. We had a good crowd, and I was able to get my cough under control (tons-o'meds) enough to read chapters 12 and 14 from Black Helicopters. My thanks to the bookshop and to Faye Ringel. By the way, if you can get your hands on the ARC, the "uncorrected" text is much closer to an actual definitive edition than is the published novel, as the ARC (advance reading copy) was printed before the copyeditor got their goddamn hands on it. I'm reading from the ARC at these events.

The drive down to Westerly was grim, as so few trees in South County have yet to turn green. On the way home, it was mercifully dark.

Other then the reading, yesterday was a washout. I was nervous about the cough and angry about the mess the CE made of the book, and mostly I just set at my desk and glared at the window. Spooky and I did make a trip to the p.o. on Thayer Street, because we had two LPs waiting for us – she had Belly's new album, Dove, and I had the new Lord Huron album, Vide Noir.

It's about an hour from here to the Savoy and an hour back, so we didn't get back to Providence until about 9:30 p.m. We got dinner from Bucktown, then headed home and watched the new episodes of The Terror and Deadliest Catch.


8:16 p.m.