March 5th, 2018


"Every inch of sky's got a star. Every inch of skin's got a scar." (2)

I woke to an ugly scum of snow, but also to the wonderful news that The Shape of Water won Best Picture and Guillermo del Toro won Best Director. And Best Actor to Gary Oldman! Looking at yesterday's Oscar wishlist, I see that I got quite a lot of what I was hoping for, with two wins for Blade Runner 2049 and three for Dunkirk. My only real disappointment was that Kobiela and Welchman's Loving Vincent lost.

Currently, it's overcast (still) and 35˚F, with the windchill at 25˚F. Winter hanging on with tooth and claw and biting wind.

This is my first day free of the toxic cacophony of social media.

Having just finished reading Lonesome Dove, I wanted to give the miniseries a try, so last night we watched the first two episodes. Unfortunately, it feels too much like exactly what it is – a TV miniseries from 1989. The direction and camera work are dull as dull can be, and, all in all, I found it listless and flat, devoid of the the richness that made the novel so great. The casting is good, and the script is fastidiously loyal to the novel. But, even so, the series just doesn't work, and I doubt we'll bother finishing it. Lonesome Dove is an excellent example of how far the medium of television has come.

I have to get back to work today.

Aunt Beast

11:51 p.m.