December 28th, 2017


"...age like winter bare."

I posted this on Facebook about an hour and a half ago: Here in Providence, it's currently 9˚F, and the windchill is -6˚F. Our high today will be 13˚F. Our low tonight will be 0˚F, with windchills well below zero. I'm not supposed to be here. Since then, the temperature has risen to 11˚F, but the windchill has not budged. The cold presses in at the house like water pressure at the bottom of the sea, and the sky is blinding blue, wide and carnivorous.

I did try to work yesterday.

Last night, we huddled in the bedroom and watched TV on the MacBook. Or something like that. I got to sleep about three a.m., and I dreamt of collecting mosasaur bones in a warm place.

Aunt Beast

11:39 p.m.