December 3rd, 2017


"And the mouse police never sleeps..."

Sun and clouds, clouds and sun. The NWS says it's overcast, but will be mostly cloudy today. Currently, it's 39˚F.

Yesterday, I spent two and a half hours putting together the Table of Contents for The Dinosaur Tourist, choosing which stories would go in and which would not. My first try was almost 200k long. I cut that almost in half. And then I sent the Table of Contents away to Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press. I'm not yet quite ready to share it here. The chapbook accompanying this collection will collect the three Dancy Flammarion stories written since the publication of Alabaster (2006, reprinted by Dark Horse in 2014 as Alabaster: Pale Horse): "Bus Fare," "Dancy vs. the Pterosaur," and the novella, "Tupelo (1998)."

Today, I have to go over the galleys for the edition of Black Helicopters and type STET a hundred times or so. Normally, I'd have the pleasure of negating the copyeditor's inane requests with a red pen. But no. I have an electronic for galleys. I have to try and use "track changes" in MS Word. I will print out a copy of the galley for the archives. Are people even learning proofreaders marks these days? I begin to doubt it. Oh, and I still have to look over the galleys (also electronic) for the PS Publishing edition of The Ammonite Violin & Others.

I leave you with the dreariness of yesterday's cloudy day, near sunset. I'm very, very, very homesick this morning. Oh, I almost forgot. At some point last night, I dreamed of a summer night in Leeds. Driving past the cement plant, driving northwest along Second Avenue, and there was an amazing flock of luna moths fluttering about one of the street lights.

Aunt Beast

4:14 p.m.