November 5th, 2017


Entry No. 5,164

Overcast and chilly, but the trees still are at least a week or two behind where they should be. Currently, it's 55˚F.

This marks the thirteenth year that I have refused to exit the sanctuary of Daylight Savings Time. I have lived on it continuously now since 2004. The first year I did it, I called it "Caitlín Stabilizing Time," because that sudden loss of a full hour of daylight, just as the world is growing darker and colder had, for decades, sent me into a tailspin.

I tried to start my ghoul story yesterday. I sat here and tried hard. I came up with a probable character name – Abishag Jehosheba Id. Some days, that's all you get, and you take what you get and move on.

Last night, I posted this to Facbeook: One night in 1998, Harlan Ellison introduced me to Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen, at the same time. I was just sitting here thinking how oddly hazy that memory has become.

Also last night, after spaghetti and pickled mushrooms, we watched two documentaries, Michael Dominic's Sunshine Motel (2001) and Danny O'Connor's Upside Down: The Creation Records Story (2010). Tonight, Season 8 of Shameless begins. Woot.

Aunt Beast

3:35 p.m.