October 29th, 2017


"Nothing is gonna go back to the way it was. Not Really."

Overcast, hardly more than twilight out there, and it's 64˚F. The storm is coming. We have a wind warning, and could see gusts of 55mph. I hate this wind.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,068 words on "Albatross." Today, after I write, I have to attend to a long email from the woman who's translating Agents of Dreamland into Spanish, a lot of questions she needs answering. I do not know if I can be helpful.

Last night, we finished Stranger Things 2. I liked it even more than Season One, even if there was a wobble in Episode Seven – the recovery was quick and no damage was done. I have read that Season Three is already in production.

Aunt Beast

12:43 a.m.