September 24th, 2017

house of leaves

"This feeling, it ain’t right. I can’t deny it."

Sunny and 80˚F here in Providence. This can't be a genuine Indian Summer, as we have not had a night below freezing.

The day off went as well as any day off can go when one is constantly assailed by self doubt, anxiety, dread, and homesickness. WE've played most of the Crystal Oasis and entered the Desert Highlands. We got our springer mounts, but I still prefer the dinosaurs.

I read a paper about rays in the new Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, "Paleogene origin of planktivory in the Batoidea."

There are things of substance I want to say, some of them relevant to my writing, but I cannot seem to bring myself to set them down here.

Today, I'll try to finish "Theoretically Forbidden Morphologies."

Aunt Beast

3:58 p.m.