July 26th, 2017


Howard Hughes and the Threat of Kittens

The sun came back yesterday afternoon. We went outside immediately, but it was still chilly and we were not out long. We had a record low maximum for June 24th yesterday, 65˚F, and yesterday was actually colder, with the high at 64˚F. Currently, it's sunny and 74˚F. We should reach 78˚F.

And today I have a root canal. And I have to be back at the dentist on Friday.

Yesterday, I made the first pass through the new Black Helicopters ms., making a few hundred corrections, amendments, and revisions to the text. It needs one more pass before I send it away to Jonathan Strahan for his thoughts.

I spent most of last night in Second Life, hanging out with setsuled. It's strange to be back in SL, but oddly comforting.

Aunt Beast

10:45 a.m.