July 23rd, 2017


"Let the wicked fall into their own nets, whilst that I withal escape."

Mostly sunny for now, though clouds are moving in, I think. Cooler weather. Currently, it's only 75˚F.

yesterday, I spent five and a half hours proofreading the new ms. for Black Helicopters. I would be spending today making the very many corrections and minor revisions I marked yesterday, except I thought of a new scene yesterday, one that I think will help the pacing, and flesh out one of the characters a little, and so I'm going to write that today. Then I can make corrections tomorrow. I need to wrap this up very soon, though, as it's already time to write something for Sirenia Digest 138. I will say, I am grateful for the feedback I received regarding "Fairy Tale of Wood Street."

Aunt Beast

5:39 p.m.