July 19th, 2017

talks to wolves

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. We're with the stars."

Sunny and hottish today. Currently, it's 83˚F. Frankly, I have trouble calling anything under 90˚F full-on hot, but Spooky disagrees.

You may have seen the Tor.com announcement regarding Black Helicopters* and a new novella set in the world of Agents of Dreamland and Black Helicopters. No? Well go read it. I'll still be here when you're done. That's what I've been working on the past three days (though Tor made the offer at the beginning of May, while I was still in Alabama). I'm adding three scenes to Black Helicopters. The version Tor releases next year will be the "Corrected, Expanded Definitive Text." As for the new novella, I know it involves a half-ghoul double agent of Albany turned serial killer, will be set after the 2016 elections, and will be titled (probably) The Tindalos Asset. So, there you go. The news.

The last two days, I've written only 863 words on one of the new sections for Black Helicopters. Trying to recapture the voice, the mood, the essence of a story I wrote in December 2012, it ain't easy.

Today, I hit 4,600 followers on Facebook.

Speaking of half ghouls, I returned to Second Life two nights ago, desperate for distraction and an anchor amid the chaos. Maybe SL can do it. I've spent to last two night creating a new avatar, Nell Snow (Elsbeth Idonnea Snow, see image below), the half-ghoul granddaughter of Isobel and Isaac Snow. My thanks to setsuled for all the help and patience. I'm not quite finished with her. The third nipple is missing, and the tail, and public hair. But I'm getting there.

Aunt Beast

10:54 p.m.

* This means I am not forced to release Black Helicopters as an ebook/PoD via Amazon.com. But yes, I will still be doing that with The Dry Salvages, I suppose. Eventually. Maybe. I really fucking hate the idea of going that route.