May 4th, 2017

Roy Batty

Howard Hughes, On the Road. Again. In the Rain.

Last night, Leeds was hit by a very, very windy storm that battered the windows all night long, and I woke at seven this morning to discover that my mother's house had no electricity. But we still managed to get on the road before ten a.m. I hope the power's back on, Mom.

We've made it as far as Raphine, Virginia, after hours of mountainous roads in heavy rain, and are hold up in a fairly dismal hotel. But at least it's clean and the locks are secure.

The last three days seem about two weeks long. I'd actually meant to make this entry last night, but I was too tired. I went to bed and proceeded to hardly sleep. I miss Leeds already.


Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

12:25 p.m., yesterday.