April 17th, 2017

Roy Batty

"You're the needle in the hay, the water at the door. You’re a million miles away."

We reached 84˚F yesterday, just shy of the record temperature for the day. Currently, it's 67˚F. Kathryn is at the garage with the car, and hopefully this will be the last round of car drama. Only, a new round of cat drama seems now to have emerged to take its place.

The plan is still to leave for Alabama tomorrow morning, but I'll believe it when it happens. We're mostly packed, but getting out the door is another matter altogether.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,016 words on "In the Flat Field."

My LJ friends list is now down to only one person who is still actively blogging here, setsuled. It's just me and you, fella.

Resistance, Peace, and Compassion,
Aunt Beast

9:30 p.m.