March 18th, 2017


"It's a lonely road, full of tired men."

No evidence of spring, excepting cold spring. Since I woke at about 8:45 this morning, the temperature has risen to 39˚F, the windchill at 32˚F, and we might see the low forties. The scabby frozen snow is still everywhere. And we have two or three more inches coming this weekend. I hope it won't make my getting to Boston on Monday more annoying that it will be already. In Birmingham, the temperature is 59˚F and will reach the low seventies.

"Life is a memory, then it is nothing. All law is writ in a seed." ~ Cormac McCarthy

I have a story, but I haven't begun it yet, so I have precious little I feel like saying here this morning. We had a good St. Patrick's Day. Spooky and I fixed a dinner far too large for the two of us, so there will be leftovers for a day or two. I finished the Charley Harper puzzle.

Resistance, Peace, and Compassion,
Aunt Beast