December 19th, 2016


"Raise your rifles to the sky, boys."

Cold here, after a freakishly warm day yesterday, after bitter cold and four inches of snow. Our high yesterday was 57˚F, and currently it's 25˚F, with the windchill at 15˚F. I've already had more of the winter than I can take, and we've not even reached Solstice.

Yesterday, we drove down to South County, for Christmas with Spooky's family. Day before yesterday, I tried to start the new Dancy story, which I'm tentatively calling "The Last Temptation of Dancy Flammarion." For now, that's a working title. Anyway, on Saturday, I wrote one paragraph, which I'm pretty sure isn't usable.

I've doubled my nightly Klonopin dose, and it's helping me sleep.

We're watching Good Girls Revolt, a new series on Amazon, and I'm never going to get used to Amazon and Netflix being TV networks, but whatever. We're about five episodes in, and it's getting better. The series begins at the end of 1969 and proceeds into 1970, and some of the actors nail the period. Erin Drake (as the delightful Cindy Reston) and Daniel Eric Gold (as Sam Rosenberg), for example. Others feel sort of cut and pasted from the wrong century. Genevieve Angelson (as Patti Robinson) and Hunter Parrish (as Douglas Rhodes), for example. It's a particular problem with Angelson, as Patti Robinson is ostensibly the main character and she gives all of her lines as if she's delivering a very earnest term paper on the People's Struggle during the sixties. So, Good Girls Revolt is not yet in the same ball park as Mad Men, though it desperately wants to be the feminist Mad Men. It has potential, and I'll be sticking with it, but it needs to back off on the rhetoric and work harder on characterization and scripting. And I do wish they'd lose Angelson and Parrish.

This photo from yesterday says everything about winter I need to day:

Aunt Beast