December 14th, 2016


"When all the trains have pulled away from local stations in decay..."

Cold and sunny. Currently, it's 41˚F, but the windchill is 35˚F.

Yesterday, I went Xmas shopping with Kathryn, to a couple of little shops on Hope Street. But she didn't find anything, and I wasn't looking for anything. It didn't help that we both had to pee the whole time, which will teach us not to drink coffee and/or Red Bull before shopping trips.

No, I did not write.

I doubt I even managed to sleep five hours.

I have two photographs from yesterday, and I couldn't decide which to use, so I'm using both:

My thanks to the four people who posted Amazon reviews for The Red Tree yesterday. If you liked the novel, published more than seven years ago now, please do post a review. Thank you.

Aunt Beast