December 2nd, 2016

Roy Batty

"And I am nothing of a builder, but here I dreamt I was an architect."

Sunny again today, but colder. Currently, it's 47˚F.

No writing yesterday, because yesterday was my meeting at the Hay with Christopher Geissler. First, though, we had to drive up to the storage unit in Pawtucket and retrieve the original Michael Zulli Drowning Girl painting – the one that wasn't published in the Centipede Press edition of the book because it was damaged slightly in the mail. It will now be a part of the Caitlín R. Kiernan Collection. However, the final paperwork wasn't signed yesterday, because the wording on the deed of gift needs to be more specific. I should have the final document by next week. After the meeting, Kathryn and I didn't feel like getting right back in the car, so we walked around the Front Green, past Carrie Tower to Manning Hall and the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, where we looked at Inuit artifacts. Then we walked on past University Hall and Slater Hall (one of my favorite buildings at Brown) to Rhode Island Hall and George Street, before we turned back. The sun was going down fast, and the day, which had been unseasonably warm, was quickly growing cold. I could tell that the afternoon was the very last dregs of autumn, and I told Kathryn it was the first halfway decent day I'd had since the election, the first day that had felt not quite so much like the end of the world. After a quick trip to the market for an avocado and blackberry conserve and corn tortillas, we headed home again. Oh, before the meeting we'd stopped by the p.o. box, and there was my comp copy of Ellen Datlow's Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror, along with a package from Warsaw containing an issue of the Polish SF&F magazine Nowa Fantastyka. Both reprint "Interstate Love Song (Murder Ballad No. 8)." The latter does so in Polish.*

And that was yesterday.

Last night, we watched Girl, Interrupted, which I'd never seen and which is now one of my favorite films of 1999. And then we watched some goofy, but entertaining, documentary on the so-called "Bridgewater Triangle" in Massachusetts. And then I started reading Kai Ashante Wilson's A Taste of Honey, but I grew sleepy before I got very far.

I have a randomish assortment of photos from yesterday, behind the cut:

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Today, I gotta get back to work. Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

* "Interstate Love Song" how now been reprinted five time since its original appearance in Sirenia Digest #100, back in 2014. Two of those were annual "best of" reprints.