November 14th, 2016


"I just can’t believe the static coming on."

Sunny today, but I think there's rain coming for the night. Currently, it's 50˚F.

Hubero has some sort of swelling on his lower lip that we're afraid might be a cyst, so Spooky's gotta take him to the vet this afternoon. The earliest appointment we could get is for 4 p.m.

Yesterday, I managed to write 393 words on this untitled thing I'm trying to get done for Sirenia Digest #130. Not very impressive, I know. I woke up this morning absolutely terrified. My eyes opened, and only a few seconds later that bright wall of anxiety hit me. It's the fear that the drought is back again, the dry spells that ate the whole summer and a chunk of last autumn. That can't happen, not again. September went well, and so did the first half of October. And then I had to stop for proofreading and the trip to Manhattan, and then the nightmare of the election hit us, and together all that shit cost me a month. A precious month I absolutely could not afford to lose. I know the momentum is still there somewhere; I just have to find it again.

Last night, we watched the last episode of Season One of RuPaul's All Stars, and I was pleased that Chad won. Then we watched Richard Attenborough's Chaplin (1992). I'd forgotten how much I love that film. I'd not seen it since it was new. Robert Downey Jr.'s performance is superb.

I have a blurry photo of Selwyn for you, so don't say I never:

Aunt Beast