November 7th, 2016


"Pull over, baby. I've put on my miles" (Three Vicodin)

Sunny and coolish here in Providence. It's currently 51˚F.

I tried to work yesterday, and that didn't go so well. I cannot spin fancies and fairy tales with the the election pressing in at me on all sides, with the fate of our nation and the world hanging in the balance. But I will say, today I am far more optimistic then I've been in the last couple of weeks. Now that Comey has – once again – cleared Clinton of any criminality in the whole silly email kerfuffle, things are looking up. As I type, the Washington Post is declaring that Clinton now has sufficient electoral votes to win the White House, at 290. That's a win with twenty to spare, while Trump trails behind at 209 electoral votes. Also, is reporting very strong new polls numbers for Clinton, indicating she will likely carry both Nevada and North Carolina. But we cannot let cause for hope make us complacent. Vote, people. Please just fucking vote. None of us has a right to sit this one out.

For me, voting necessarily involves setting aside certain personal agendas and choosing the candidate who stands to do the *most good and the least harm,* based on their campaign platform and their history as a politician (and human being). My own ego is secondary to the common good, what the constitution calls the general welfare. And this is why I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, and this is also why I view – in this historical race – third-party voters and write-ins and those who refuse to vote as acting from a place of profound self-interest, egomania, and civic irresponsibility. This isn't about *you*. This is about all of us. We must act as a nation, not as a conglomerate of self-serving individuals.

We had a short stroll in the park before a trip to the market and the post office this afternoon, and I took a photo, just for you, something that feels somehow hopeful, despite the autumn and despite the wide carnivorous sky:

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast