November 4th, 2016


"It's better to feel pain than nothing at all."

Sunny and autumnal today. The temperature is currently 56˚F.

With a lot of help from, we're in the early planning stages on the Agents of Dreamland tour that will begin February 27th and end in early April. At the moment, we're looking at dates in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Providence, a couple in Boston, a couple in the Amherst/Northampton area, and maybe Portland (Maine). I'll post dates when they're available. I posted this on Facebook yesterday, and there were a lot of people asking if I'd come to places much, much farther from home – Toronto, Chicago, Salt Lake City, San Francisco. I can't, of course. While Tor is setting all this up for me, handling all the scheduling, promotion, coordinating with bookstores, etc., all the travel expenses are coming out of my pocket. My profoundly empty pockets. Really, the moths get lonely in there. When all is said and done, these appearances could easily end up costing me a thousand dollars, and that's with driving everywhere and staying in cheap motels. And, of course, all the time I spend on the road is time I don't spend writing, which is a hidden cost of book tours. All that said, I'm very excited about this, and I'm enormously grateful to for the enthusiasm they're showing and the push they're putting behind this book, far more than Roc ever did in the seventeen years I was with them (eleven novels). Oh, and I'm thinking there will be an official tour T-shirt via Red Bubble.

No writing yesterday. Surprise.

Aunt Beast