November 2nd, 2016

Roy Batty

"Everyone thinks I'm a liar. No one knows the truth."

Well, the headache's gone, but I only managed to sleep about two hours last night. I was awake at 4:30 and that was that. I'm trying to get a little work – this entry, correspondence, etc. – done before the inevitable crash this afternoon. I spent two days doing hardly anything but following the election on Twitter, and the headache and attendant sickness was the result. So, I'm going to try to limit my time on Twitter and Facebook until next Wednesday. But it's hard to look away when you're watching your country flirt with suicide, aided by Russia and Wikileaks. I'm more afraid than I've been since 9/11, and I might be more afraid than I was on that awful day. Everything we are is in danger.

Yeah, that's where things stand.

It's sunny today and warm.

And I need to be writing, more than anything. I had six extremely productive weeks, in September and the first half of October. But then I had to stop for proofreading and the trip to Manhattan, and then the election crises hit me full force, and I've been unable to get back in the swing of things. Impending apocalypse, I've discovered, is goddamn distracting.

I promised a few photos from Halloween, and here they are:

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Later Taters,
Aunt Beast