October 14th, 2016


"My monstrous little memory had swallowed me whole." II

Ugh. This morning, I feel like the sticky floor of a movie theatre. For various reasons, I doubt I slept more than three hours. The day is sunny. Currently, it's 53˚F here. We have a frost warning for tonight.

Yesterday, I proofread "Antedivulian Homesick Blues" and part two of The Chartreuse Alphabet for the digest, and then I wrote the prolegomenon for Sirenia Digest #129 and did the layout. Then I sent it away to Gorden to PDF, but late last night Spooky discovered that I'd dated the prolegomenon November 13th, instead of dating it October 13th, and also that the header said Sirenia Digest #128. Which is why subscribers don't yet have the issue. But they should by tonight. Also, I proofread three more stories from the galley pages for Dear Sweet Filthy World: "Apsinthion" (Sirenia Digest #51, February 2010), "Three Months, Three Scenes, With Snow" (Sirenia Digest #53, April 2010), and "Workprint" (Sirenia Digest #53, April 2010). I didn't write a preface for the collection, though. It just wouldn't come to me, and I've told Yanni at SubPress to send the ARCs to the printer without one.

And I talked with Josh Boone about The Red Tree film. It is moving forward. These wheels turn slowly, but they do turn.

Today, I turn my attention back to the writing of The Next New Novel.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you!

The September Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology arrived day before yesterday, and so far I've read "A New Crocodile Displaying Extreme Constriction of the Mandible, from the Late Oligocene of Riversleigh, Australia" and "New Rebbachisaurid (Sauropoda, Diplodocoidea) Cranial Remains from the Cretaceous oF Patagonia, Argentina, and the First Endocranial Description for a South American Representative of the Clade."

And I think that's all for now. It surely is plenty.

Aunt Beast