September 5th, 2016


"I drove all night..."

Our tropical storm warning was cancelled, and Hermine is, so far as Providence is concerned, a dud. I don't think we've even seen any rain. But it's chilly, currently only 67˚F. I was hoping that the storm would bring some relief from the drought, and maybe it will yet.

So far as sleep was concerned, last night was rough, but not a total waste.

Yesterday, I did 1,196 words on The Chartreuse Alphabet, B through D.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions, which now include, as I mentioned yesterday, a complete six-issue story arc from The Dreaming. Thank you.

If you think of Earth as the Jackass TV show of the galaxy, everything really starts to make a lot more sense. ~ Duncan Jones

Happy birthday, Werner Herzog.

Aunt Beast