August 21st, 2016

The Red Tree

"A silver vision, come and rest my soul. I dream a highway back to you." (L)

Sunny today. The National Weather Service says we'll go to 82˚F; it's currently 79˚F.

I haven't been "well" these past few days. Toady, I try to get back to work. I have this short story to write, so I can say that I at least wrote two this summer. I doubt I've had a summer this unproductive since 1998. Sure, I had my reasons then, too.

Amazon is taking taking orders for Agents of Dreamland, which Tor releases on February 28th. The cover isn't up yet, but I have seen the cover, and it's excellent. Perfect in tone, superbly understated.

If I ever knew that, in 2012, Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette had named a spaceship after me, "an incongruously sporty little skimmer," well, then I'd somehow managed to forget entirely. Which, given my last four years is hardly a surprise. Still, it pleases me inordinately. See "The Wreck of the Charles Dexter Ward."

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you.

Aunt Beast