July 27th, 2016

The Red Tree

Blah Blah Blah Blah

Yesterday was, in all ways, wretched.

I was awake at dawn, shutting windows and lowering blinds to try and keep out the coming heat. At nine, I gave up trying to sleep. I got up and work on my "Favorite Movies 1930-2000" list. I'm selecting between five and seven films for each year. The list is limited to American and British films, as my knowledge of foreign film is really rather spotty, I'm afraid. Same reason I'm not including films made before 1930. After 2000, that's a different project. So far, I'm up to 1943, and there are already 77 entries. I'll likely post it somewhere, whenever I'm done.

I'm so desperate for sleep that I'm almost willing to go back on gabapentin for a time.

No writing yesterday. We ran some errands (library, post office, Staples, the market). We mostly sat here in the heat, listening to box fans whir and our lives ticking away in discrete and interchangeable units of waste, boredom, and inactivity.

At least Lovecraft's exile to Brooklyn lasted only four years. I've now been stranded in Providence for more than eight.

Aunt Beast