July 13th, 2016

The Red Tree

"I watched the heavens collide right before my eyes."

Thanks to my bladder, I'm very not awake.

Trying to get The Starkeeper moving past the first twenty or so manuscript pages, I'm largely struggling with a problem of voice and pov, and, therefore, of character. My two narrators are both fifteen years old (twins), and it's 1978. And – other stuff I can't divulge. With Sarah Crowe, I was working from a pov that was all but straight-up autobiographical. Her voice is damn near my own. With Imp, while her voice was clearly distinct from that of the author, it was still speaking from a place with which I am very familiar; the autobiographical element remains. But Jude and Judith Rochambeau are an entirely different thing, and they are a problem I have not yet solved. In some ways, this is the most complex novel I've ever tried to write, despite the accessibility – to me as the author – of first-person narratives as a storytelling device.

I'm not awake enough to discuss this cogently. Maybe not even coherently.

Yesterday, there was peach Jell-O with mandarin orange slices.

Aunt Beast