May 29th, 2016

The Red Tree

"But I wonder all they know 'cause they don't die and they don't grow."

It's summer. Currently, 76˚F. We made it to 91˚F yesterday. We're waiting on Bonnie, who'll be here tomorrow, bringing rain from southern places.

One day later than planned, we spent yesterday driving about South County – Peacedale, Wakefield, Kingston – thinking about The Starkeeper, looking at houses, fixing place in my head. I'd not been down there since last autumn. At the public library in Peacedale, I made a couple of pages of notes. Reaching back to 1978, when the novel is set.

I think I found the name of my protagonist yesterday. I think his name is Jude. Unless her name is Jude. Unless their (singular) name is Jude and Judith, depending. Unless it's twins. Yeah, I'm at that all-is-flux stage.

“When you begin a novel you are in a state of unlimited freedom, and this is alarming.” ~ Iris Murdoch

Aunt Beast