May 27th, 2016

The Red Tree

"And it feels like I've been away for an era, but nothing has changed at all."

As birthdays go, yesterday was damn decent. Thank you, Spooky. There was a really fine cake, and there were dinosaurs. We had salad for dinner, because now that summer has finally arrived, it's too hot in the house to cook. It reached 85˚F in the middle parlor yesterday. I'm not complaining, but noting life without AC. We played Guild Wars and watched crappy TV. It was calm and unremarkable and good. My thanks to all who wished me well on Facebook yesterday. There were about 500 of you. That sort of thing always blows me away. Oh, and I received 65 birthday postcards, including cards from England, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, and New Zealand. A special thank you to the postcard people.

And I had a major breakthrough with The Starkeeper yesterday, the sort that I hope will allow me to begin Chapter One on Monday. Well, so to speak. I may not actually use chapter divisions in this novel. Today, we're heading down to Peacedale, Wakefield, and North Kingston to do some Starkeeper-related research.

Three photos from yesterday:

My three birthday critters, left to right, the tyrannosaurid Tyrannosaurus rex, the the pterodactyloid pterosaur Tupuxuara, and the ceratopsian Nasutoceratops.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast