April 16th, 2016

The Red Tree

"Who wants albino food, anyway?"

I've been awake since about 9:30 ayem, and I'm still not awake. Outside it's bright, and there's more green than yesterday, but it's a measly 54˚F (feels like 49˚F, thanks to windchill). We might be decently warm by early June. Used to be, my favorite season was Summer, then Spring. These days, my favorite season is July.

Yesterday, I sorted stories and began compiling the ms. for Dear Sweet Filthy World> I need to make considerably more headway with that today. Currently, I've chosen 67,539 words worth of fiction. I need to get that up to about 100k.

Going through files yesterday (actual real-world files, not computer files) I cam across an uncashed check for $98, dated 24 October 2014. It's the third uncashed check I've found in the past week.

Last night, we watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the third time. I truly do adore that film. And it actual looks much better on Blu-ray than it did digitally projected on a big screen.

Today's slippery. I have to mind where I put my feet.

Aunt Beast