March 28th, 2016

The Red Tree

"...but then they buried her alive, one evening 1945..."

The daily cavalcade of unimaginable horrors, in the name of someone's idea of God, in the name of Money, for the love of bloodshed, or just for shits and giggles. "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." Indeed. Easter 2016, at least 72 dead in Lahore, Pakistan, over 300 injured, and most of the dead are women and children.

It's cold and rainy here, the sky as grey as mold on old mac and cheese. Currently, the temperature is 43˚F.

Yesterday, I did 648 words on "Objects in the Mirror," and I may have found THE END.

No one's given me an Easter basket since Easter 1989, when Liz Downey (who died in 2012), told me I had to have one, because "everyone has to have an Easter basket." But yesterday Spooky went out to the market to get stuff for a chicken stew and came back with an Easter basket for me. It almost made cry, because lately I'm like that.

I've named the rabbit Fiver, natch.

We have eBay auctions ending soon, please have a look, and thank you.

Aunt Beast