March 27th, 2016

The Red Tree

"Oh, on the run from the modern age."

It's mostly sunny today, but cold. It was in the mid thirties when I woke a couple of hours ago, and now it's only 52˚F. Turns out, Winter is having its revenge, dropping the polar vortex on the north central and northeastern US, and the first half of April will be colder than usual, after that very warm (for here) February.

It is to laugh.

A good writing day, though I did only 727 words. I found the heart of the story, the key that makes sense of "Objects in the Mirror." I had my "Eureka" moment with the story. Thematically and structurally, this is the most ambitious thing I've done in quite some while. I hope it works.

Late in the day, Kathryn came back from her parents with a bunch of fossils that her cousin had sent her about fifteen years ago. I looked through them, identifying trilobites from the Middle Cambrian of Utah (Elrathia kingii), an Upper Ordovician brittle star (Taeniaster spinous) from Swatara Gap, Pennsylvania, a trilobite and brachiopod from the Middle Devonian of Ohio (Phacops rana crassituberculata and Mucrospirifer mucronatus, respectively), some Carboniferous ferns, and a large (if incomplete) fish skeleton (likely Diplomystus) from the Lower Eocene of Wyoming.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you.

Last night we watched Pee Wee's Big Holiday, and as I said on Facebook, few things are more awesome than getting a new Pee Wee Herman movie.

Anyway, I should let you let me go now.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast