March 23rd, 2016

The Red Tree

"Seems like every moment is another from before."

Cloudy and 61˚F here. A definite improvement.

I try not to think about how green Birmingham must be by now.

I really have nothing much today to say, as regards work and such. But I do have a bunch of photos from the end of November, from the 28th and 29th. They've been sitting on my iMac's desktop, unedited, unposted, for almost four months now. A night at Spooky's parents' place and the next day at Harbour of Refuge at Point Judith. They're not remarkable photos, excepting that the ones from the shore so perfectly capture the bleakness of that day. Well, actually, the one of Spider Cat trying to eat a moth is fairly remarkable. Anyway, there was construction going on at the harbour, building back structures that were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy way back in October 2012.

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And now, finally, I can put that file away.

Aunt Beast